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Teaching youth to succeed in ALL life's races

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2100 Stevens Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55404

General Information

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Principal Staff
Darrell Thompson
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Board Chair
Deb LaMere
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Impact and Programs

In 2014 Bolder Options engaged over 2,300 unduplicated youth through all of our programming, and over 2,800 duplicated youth, caregivers, and siblings. Mentoring: Our youth had a remarkable year. Over 85% of all youth surveyed reported after being in the year-long program that they learned how to break bigger goals into smaller ones, how to ask for help, how to solve problems, and how to make good decision. More impressively, 99% of the youth in the mentoring program set at least one goal (with 95% accomplishing that goal). Over 95% of mentors saw significant positive changes in their mentees’ attitude, behavior, and ability to open up, and felt like they had a direct impact on their mentee’s life (and 94% reported that their mentees have positively impacted their lives). Additionally, both caregivers and mentors reported seeing a significant increase in the youths’ self confidence and personal power along with vast improvements in their ability to communicate and too create positive and meaningful relationships with adults and peers. Health & Wellness: Our mentoring youth completed 202 5ks and/or biking events, and 20 triathlons in 2014. Almost 95% of youth stated they are now more physically active than before being involved with Bolder, and over 80% report eating more fruits and vegetables. Both mentors and caregivers reported that youth are more physically fit, and over half the caregivers surveyed have observed their child making healthier nutrition choices. Academic: Since starting Bolder, youth are doing better with assignments and homework (85%), grades (86%), attendance (74%), school behavior (75%), and 85% reported not skipping/cutting class or school within the last 30 days. 90% if surveyed youth also reported wanting to attend college after graduating high school. Alumni/Leadership: Youth have grown into leaders since being involved with Bolder and have demonstrate a solid foundation in becoming leaders in their communities. 100% of youth reported abstaining from smoking and using tobacco while 98% have never had an alcoholic beverage and 97% refrained from using drugs. Alumni youth reported that since graduating 67% are more physically active, 75% eat more fruits and vegetables, 50% have reduced the number of sugary beverages they drink, 100% have abstained from tobacco, drug, and alcohol consumption within the last 12 months, and 100% of alumni youth surveyed are on track to graduate from high school. Over 80% of Alumni Mentors reported that they still see positive changes in their mentees' attitude, behavior, and ability to open up.
Current Goals
Establish a continuum of supportive services for youth. Build a sustainable business model. Increase the number of youth engaged in high-quality youth development programming to 3,500.
Community or Constituency Served
Bolder Options provides services for youth living in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rochester. Over 80% receive free or reduced-priced lunches, and 70% of youth live with one caregiver. 36% of youth receive special education services; 60% report mental health concerns, and over 60% have experienced a major life change in the last year such as moving, changing schools, death or divorce)
Geographic Area Served
Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rochester


3 Year Average Expenses
Program Services $866,641 75.1%
Management $171,807 14.9%
Fundraising $86,073 7.5%
Unrestricted Net Assets
2013 2012 2011
End of Year: $736,244 $814,580 $883,454
Beginning of Year: $788,807 $883,454 $835,981
Difference: ($52,563) ($68,874) $47,473

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