Alliance Housing Inc.

Mission Statement

The mission of Alliance Housing Inc. is to change lives and build stronger communities by providing housing stability for very low income individuals and families in Minneapolis and the wider Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Contact Information

2309 Nicollet Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404

General Information

Alternative Name
Principal Staff
Barbara Jeanetta
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE)
Number of Clients


Board Chair
Ben Olk III
Number of Board Members
Board Meetings with Quorum
Average Member Attendance

Impact and Programs

Program/service accomplishments for 2013/14: • Completed North Minneapolis renovation of 8 properties (24 units), completed lease up, and satisfied all funding agreements for project completion and compliance. • Refined operations and managed Northside Supportive Housing for Families program with 26 families/participants. • Awarded grant and government dollars to expand Northside Supportive Housing for Families program in 2014 calendar year. • Managed 100 units of scattered site rental housing (including North Minneapolis) in compliance with all funding agreements and City codes. • $1 million award from FHLB on 2 projects, leveraging continued project development planning. • Successfully transitioned from a long term Executive Director to a new hire.
Current Goals
Alliance Housing Inc. Key goals over next 2-3 years Real estate: • Complete funding and build/manage Jordan Apartments. If we are not successful in 2014 funding rounds, consider exiting from project. (11-2014) • Complete funding and build/manage project for 55+ homeless adults. If we are not successful in 2015 funding rounds, consider exiting from project. (11-2015) • Consider and advance new opportunities that serve our core population, offer additional housing options (size, type, location): older low income women, ex-offenders, studio apartments for low wage adults, homeless families, homeless teens/young adults, affordable units along new light rail transit corridors for low wage working adults in suburban communities. (annual) Services: • Demonstrate that Northside Supportive Housing for Families Program is accomplishing promise – moving families to housing stability and economic independence or consider exit plan. If successful, consider implementing the program across Alliance southside, scattered site family units. (12-2015) • Tackle sustainable funding model issues around supporting the growth of individual gifts as foundation investments decrease for services. (1-2016) Property management: • Tackle sustainable funding model issues around capital improvement reserves. (6-2015) • Tackle sustainable funding model issues around and staffing model for maintenance and property management. (6-2015) • Tackle sustainable funding model issues around balancing affordability of rent with cash flow and ability to raise sufficient dollars to cover gap. (annual) • Identify and implement technology solutions around property management software that improves operational effectiveness. (6-2015) Administration/management: • Tackle sustainable funding model issues around amount of operating reserves. (10-2014) • Identify opportunities for collaboration that further our mission and tap our strengths. (annual) • Identify and implement technology solutions around contacts/donor database that improves operational effectiveness. (6-2015) Fundraising/communication: • Establish clear message for Alliance Housing that is shared and used by staff and board. (3-2015) • Identify skills and talents needed and viable staffing or consulting plan that supports communications and fundraising work. (6-2015) • Broaden individual funding base and options. (6-2015) Policy/advocacy: • Build broader support for property management model similar to Alliance Housing Inc. that operates viable business model yet limits screening criteria so hardest to house have more options in rental market. Use social justice lens. (3-2015) Board Development: • Draft board agendas to favor time for discussion of big picture issues, planning and reflection on overall operations. (annual) • Build engagement by bringing ad hoc committees together to tackle board business in greater depth. (annual) • Build engagement by identifying and putting gifts and talents of individual members to work. (annual) • 100% of board members will make annual donation to Alliance Housing – from each according to their ability. (annual, by 12-2015) • Build board members’ understanding of what Alliance owns and operates and get them more involved in regular discussions about management issues. (annual) • Develop a Board member profile that identifies skills and talents available and needed. Review it annually to set goal for board recruitment. (annual) • Establish a board finance committee to review financial statements and issues in greater detail and to report summary level information to board that advances effective practice of board’s fiduciary role. (1-2015) • Establish a formal board orientation process to ensure board is strong, effective and welcoming to new members and staff. (9-2015) Tenant Focused Leadership: • Establish and support a tenant council. (2016) • Seek council’s direction and leadership on annual policy/advocacy agenda. (2016) • Seek council’s direction on key operational issues and board decisions. (2016)
Community or Constituency Served
Renters: Very low wage workers, homeless individuals and families, adults receiving disability income and persons with other barriers to finding stable housing
Geographic Area Served
Twin Cities metropolitan area


3 Year Average Expenses
Program Services $1,060,911 84.3%
Management $173,354 13.8%
Fundraising $23,991 1.9%
Unrestricted Net Assets
2013 2012 2011
End of Year: $3,204,535 $914,515 $986,759
Beginning of Year: $2,623,762 $986,759 $606,590
Difference: $580,773 ($72,244) $380,169

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